Vegetarian Potassium Broth

What the heck is potassium broth? Why it’s the water that we tend to ditch after boiling vegetables. It’s worth it’s nutrition in gold because Potassium is the best kind of “salt”, you know the kind of salt that lowers blood pressure? The one that 98% of us are deficient in.


You might have drank it before, for instance, out of curiosity? And when you’re eating intuitively, like I do, you might have the desire to drink the water that you steamed your broccoli in. Add a pinch of Maldon sea  flakes or a dash of powdered dulse and a drop of olive oil (the bitter stuff). This is something I’ve always done. To take it a step further, turn your vegetable waters into a vegetarian broth.

While bone broths are healthy and nourishing, and on trend!, vegetarian broths are key to reduce blood pressure, balance electrolytes and hydrate. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, we need the minerals for hydration, not water alone.

Ingredients: All organics, please keep it clean folks!

Handful of organic carrots

3 stalks organic celery

3 Yukon gold potatoes (not nightshades)

1 white or yellow onion

Handful of parsley

1/4 tsp Himalayan salt or non-bleached sea salt. I like Celtic, Baleine, or Maldon. Maldon’s the best! 

Substitutions:  add 2 beets for detox. Add ginger. Add parsnips or celery root. Add spinach or cabbage for a greener broth.

Just use the peels from organic roots vegetables and potatoes (wont necessarily taste as good but is a great way to use up your vegetables clippings).


In a pot of filtered boiling water add all vegetables and salt. Simmer for 1 hour.

Drink alone or with veggies. If you’ve used vegetables, and not clippings then you can blend it all together. Voila a cream soup!

Take it anytime, after exercise instead of coconut water and on fasting days.  Use it as a proper soup stock.

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