Heal Yourself with Food Energetics


Heal Yourself with Food Energetics

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Do you have a hard time waking up in the morning only to have a second wind at night? Or maybe you are one of the millions of Americans who self-medicate on coffee, sugar, chocolate, Tylenol or Adderall.  Perhaps your doctor has said you are in danger of a chronic disease; has recommended medications and you wonder if you really need them. 

This 4 Part Training course will offer you the simple solutions to heal your body. This course is for you if

  • You want to regain the energy you had when you were young
  • You want to stop relying on quick fixes and stimulants to get you through the day
  • You want to get to know what drives good health
  • You want to be in the clear with your Primary Care Physician so they are not recommending medication any longer
  • You want to know which foods to eat to heal your body
  • You want to rev up your metabolism so the weight comes off easily
  • BONUS 5th Session - A Live Q and A with Dr. Millie

I look forward to meeting you there! 


When my patients walk in the door of my office, they tell me that they don't have the energy to wake up in the morning. They tell me their doctor is telling them they need to lose weight, but not making any helpful suggestions. My patients tell me they have been prescribed an anti-depressant or a steroid but want other options. My patients tell me they don't eat that much food and yet, they still can't lose weight. 

I too, at a very young age, despite being raised with a healthy diet, used to be on this track. I gave myself bulimia from cutting out fat at the age of 21 years old. I couldn't thinking about anything but food and so I started restricting, only to binge on processed carbohydrates. Then I started purging. I was fortunate enough to fall down the stairs and break my jaw in 3 places. This was actually my salvation, although it took me 2 years to heal myself. This accident took me out of my own ego and worries and allowed me to change my life. I went to Naturopathic Medical school and studied the impact of nutrition, emotions, psychology and lifestyle on our organ systems.

If you find yourself struggling with this type of metabolic syndrome, I can tell you that the reason you are not healthy is because your organs are not working properly. If your organs are not working right, then you are not working right. If your organs are not working right, then you will not feel good. You will not be able to balance your energy, your sleep, your emotions, your mood, your eliminations and your pain levels.  

During this 4 part class I will show you to heal your organs using a food energetics approach to self-healing. We will incorporate mind, body and soul techniques to getting your organs in shape so your body is doing what you need it to do for a long and healthy life. You will learn the Naturopathic methods to healing the body, not just putting a bandaid on top of it.  Get the answers you've always wanted:  

1) How to shift your time clock so you are no longer awake at night and tired all day 

2) How to generate the positive energy your body craves during the day

3) How to balance your moods so you do not need to take a pill to feel balanced

4) How to stop relying on sugar and snacking to feel better

5) How to get a body that feels good in its own skin

6) How to start losing weight without thinking about it 

7) How to turn back the clock on diabetes and other blood sugar problems

8) The secrets of reducing inflammation naturally 

9) How to feel younger with every year, not older

10) How to remove yourself from the chronic disease rat race that is plaguing Americans

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