Breakfast Smoothies

Stuck in a rut over breakfast? I love smoothies, especially using 3 of my favorite ingredients; avocado, chia seeds and wheat germ. I enjoy turning savory items into liquid goodness. Try them in popsicles as well. You will be impressed by how much protein, greens, and good healthy omega fats can go into a blended meal!


Sunrise Smoothie

Protein source: Greek yogurt. Use organic!
Take a (sort of, not really) vacation when sipping this tropical-tasting smoothie. It calls for Greek yogurt and antioxidant-rich berries, an orange, and banana. Add wheat germ to cut the sweet and boost the vitamin E content.

Kale, Berry, and Acai Power Smoothie

Protein source: Kale, flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp protein powder
Green smoothie ingredients sometimes get a bad rap, but superfood banana and berries mask the bold taste of kale in this recipe. Bonus: The tablespoon of acai powder boosts energy, while cinnamon helps reduce inflammation.

Roasted Strawberry Protein Smoothie

Protein source: Cottage cheese, dairy milk, chia seeds
For a serious flavor boost, roast strawberries (yet another superfood!) before tossing them into this blend. The creamy cottage cheese is a tasty alternative for those not partial to Greek yogurt’s tangy flavor profile.

Coffee Banana Smoothie

Protein source: Greek yogurt, flax seeds
Enjoy a breakfast of yogurt, banana, and coffee—all from the same cup. Caffeine pairs with protein for an exceptional energy boost.

Hot Chocolate Protein Shake

Protein source: Dairy milk, egg, whey powder
A volatile vortex means it’s worth having this warmed-up recipe on hand at all times. Not to mention it makes a (healthy) meal out of classic hot chocolate, working in both protein-packed whey and unsweetened cocoa powder.

Skinny Green Monster Smoothie

Protein source: Peanut butter, Organic plain yogurt
Holy vitamins, Batman! The spinach alone serves up vitamins A, C, K, fiber, magnesium, and calcium!

Coconut Almond Ginger Protein Shake

Protein source: Almonds, protein powder
Switch up a savory breakfast when opting for this sweet, still-healthy smoothie. Almonds and spices deliciously complement the crazy-versatile coconut oil.

Peanut Butter, Banana and Oat Smoothie

Protein source: Peanut butter, flax seeds
All the fixings of a healthy breakfast—peanut butter, banana, and rolled oats—but with a creamy taste of a milkshake. Need we say more?

Banana Raspberry Chia Smoothie

Protein source: Greek yogurt, protein powder, chia seeds
Frozen bananas, raspberries, and spice make busy mornings nice (and full of antioxidants!). The best part: This recipe takes only five minutes to make.

Almond and Cookie Butter Protein Shake

Protein source: Protein powder, almond butter
Cookie butter (essentially gingerbread cookie crumbs mixed into almond butter) is totally a thing, and the littlest bit doesn’t really offset the nutritional quality of this protein-rich, almond-butter-based smoothie. #blessed

Strawberry Banana Smoothie with Chia Seeds

Protein source: Chia seeds
Don’t fix what isn’t broken, right? Bland but nutrition-packed chia seeds sneak protein into the classic strawberry-banana smoothie combo.

Spinach, Kiwi, and Chia Seed Smoothie

Protein source: Chia seeds
A green smoothie that tastes anything but. Bananas sweeten it up, while tart-tasting kiwis keep it from feeling too much like dessert.

Blueberry Mango Smoothie

Protein source: Greek yogurt, dairy milk
Really, you can sip this smoothie anytime—but the fresh taste of antioxidant-rich blueberries and mango is a convincing reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Liquid Lunch

Protein source: Sunflower Sprouts, sprouted pumpkin seed butter

Okay granted, it's called lunch, not breakfast, but sometimes you feel like a savory breakfast. A base of fresh carrot juice or apple juice poured into the blender, 1/2 lemon peeled, a big bunch of sunflower seed sprouts, 1 T sprouted pumpkin seed butter, a whole green apple and 1/2 an avocado. A dream in a glass. You can add some spinacy, a tsp of spirulina for an extra dash of nutrition, or a clove of raw garlic for a bit more superpower. 

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